Reaction Wall

Reaction wall is the only attraction that we kept from our previous permanent exhibition and the reason is simple – it’s just that it’s so popular among the visitors! It has also been a hit among many Estonian top athletes who’ve visited our museum and one of the greatest Estonian footballers Mart Poom has said that he used the same device when he played in the English Premier League for the Arsenal F.C.  

The reaction wall allows you to test your reactions and also register your score to see how you did against others. There is even a separate table with VIP high scores, so you can see how you did against famous Estonian athletes or other public figures. But regardless of where you end up on the final scoreboard, you are sure to get the biggest adrenaline rush when you go head to head against your own friends and family to find out who has the fastest hands in the museum!

Retro Room

Our retro room is like a time machine that is taking you to the room of a sports fan in Soviet Estonia. Want to listen to an interview with the legendary chess player Paul Keres from an old school radio? Or watch the emotional broadcast where Erika Salumäe wins the the olympic gold in Barcelona for the Republic of Estonia that has just restored its independence. You can choose from over a 20 radio and 40 TV broadcasts spanning over a century and to relive some of the most significant moments of Estonia’s sports history.

Interactive Basketball Court

Have you ever thought what must it feel like to be a professional basketball player and have to throw those all-important free throws on the last seconds of a title match? How would it feel to do it when you have the raucous backing of your home supporters? Or what if it’s the away game and you are being booed by the away fans? On our interactive basketball court you can experience both of these. Choose whether you want to play on home turf or away and we guarantee you your ears and heels will feel, what it feels like for a pro in these decisive moments. The experience is even more realistic as the attraction was made with the help of fans of Rapla Basketball Club, known to be some of the most passionate basketball supporters in Estonia!

Historical Gym

The historical gym shows our visitors how gyms used to look like a 100 years ago. It’s often the most popular attraction for younger kids as there is probably now other place in any museum where you they can run, climb and jump as much as they can here. Our punching bag, climbing ladders and ropes, pommel horse and a vault can take on visitors of all shapes and sizes but still to be the most popular among the youngest.  

In addition there are other historical training equipment you can try – like a high wheeler bike (penny farthing), a copy of James Naismith’s basketball hoop and some surprisingly light weights for those who want to get a great picture of themselves as a power lifter.


Commentator’s Booth

Now’s your chance to see what it feels like to be a commentator with for some of the most exciting moments in the recent history of Estonian sports. You can choose between 6 exciting broadcasts and will be put in the role of the co-commentator for one of Estonia’s greats - Tarmo Tiisler. The whole process is recorded, so after finishing your „new job“, you can listen it again and hear the final result and record it on your phone!

Rally Simulator 

Want to know how you can drive a WRC car 100 miles per hour right in the middle of Tartu without worrying that you might hit someone? It’s super easy – you just have to visit our sports museum! On our new super-realistic rally simulator you can pick and choose between various historically accurate cars and racetracks. Extra-wide gaming monitor and a dynamic seat construction that reacts to every curve or stone lying on the dirt road guarantees you the most realistic racing experience! In our rally simulator you can turn into Ott Tänak and try what it feels like to fight for the WRC championship!


There are more than 10 interactive attractions in our museum that you just have to try at least once in your life! Check out what fun hands-on activities await you with us! 
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Sports and Olympic Museum exhibitions include a permanent exhibition with attractions, fun hands-on exhibition about extreme sports and Estonian Hall of Fame.
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Hall of Fame

The most spectacular part of our museum where we honour the greatest athletes and sports influencers of Estonian sports. 
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