THIS IS RALLY! is an interactive exhibition that offers a comprehensive overview of the WRC and Estonian rally, with the visuals and personal photo exhibition from highly regarded photographer Jaanus Ree.

Everybody has a chance to become a real rally driver by speeding on the virtual roads of the rally simulator. In order to make the rally experience even more real, our guests can also be in the role of a rally co-driver or change tires of a rally car.

The exhibition tells the stories of our rally heroes and shows the rich history of it, which is illustrated with the prizes from races and overalls from rally drivers.

Come and see for yourself, there is something to discover for all ages!

See you in the Sports museum!

Educational programs

We offer educational programs for groups of any age. Programs are covering different aspects of sport. 

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Sports and Olympic Museum exhibitions include permanent exhibition with full historic overview, our new hands-on exhibition of ball games, and several smaller exhibitions throughout year. 
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Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum collection contains over 138 000 historical pieces. Our collections are always opened for researches and sports fans. 

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