Digital Buddy

The discovery of the permanent exhibition at the sports museum is made even more exciting by the Digital Buddy web application!

The Digital Buddy web application includes:

  • Audio guide:

There are many fascinating sports stories throughout history, and unfortunately, not all of them can fit within the museum walls. Coming to aid as audio guides are renowned athletes who share additional stories to complement the exhibition. Hosting the audio guide in Estonian is Rasmus Mägi, the Estonian Male Athlete of the Year 2021! In English, basketball player Howard Frier helps explore the museum, in Russian, Olympic champion Julia Beljajeva, in Latvian, Latvia's best heptathlete Laura Ikauniece, and in Ukrainian, Ukrainian basketball team member Andrii Voinalovych.

Rasmus Mägi
Howard Frier
Julia Beljajeva
Laura Ikauniece
Andrii Voinalovych

  • Games:

With the Digital Buddy, you can solve exciting quizzes designed to help young museum visitors entertainingly learn about the story of Estonian sports.

  • House plan:

To avoid getting lost in the largest sports museum in the Baltics, the Digital Buddy's map application helps identify your location within the museum and guides you to your desired destination.

  • Feedback Option:

Through the Digital Buddy, you can conveniently provide feedback, which is incredibly important to us. It helps us further enhance the presentation of sports, making it even more attractive in the future.

You can use the application from your smartphone or borrow suitable devices from the museum's front desk. The use of the Digital Buddy and, if desired, the rental of devices (phone, headphones) are FREE for museum visitors.

There's an additional fee for purchasing headphones (€1).


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