Estonian Sports Hall of Fame


Estonian Sports Hall of Fame is a a brand new and spectacular part of our museum where we honour the greatest athletes and sports influencers of Estonian sports. Hall of Fame was opened together with museum’s exhibition “The Story of Estonian Sports” and it’s first members are 50 of the most prominent sports personas of last century.

Each of the Hall of Famer’s gets a special recognition in this room with an honorary plate, highlight reel of their career and an overview of their greatest achievements.

Estonian Sports Hall of Fame was created in 2020 with the first 50 members being chosen from personas whose career ended before 2000. Starting from 2021 new members will be added yearly.

The Estonian Sports Hall of Fame members in 2020 are:

  • Athletes Aleksander Aberg, Ants Antson, Rein Aun, August Englas, Georg Hackenschmidt, Bruno Junk, Paul Keres, Elmar Kivistik, Martin Klein, Aleksander Klumberg-Kolmpere, Johannes Kotkas, Ilmar Kullam, Osvald Käpp, Toomas Leius, Allar Levandi, Heino Lipp, Jaak Lipso, Viljar Loor, Jüri Lossman, Georg Lurich, Joann Lõssov, Alfred Neuland, Kristjan Palusalu, Kaija Parve, Aavo Pikkuus, Eduard Pütsep, Mait Riisman, Erika Salumäe, Tiit Sokk, Ivar Stukolkin, Jaan Talts, Jüri Tamm, Jüri Tarmak, Evald Tipner, Priit Tomson, Svetlana Tširkova, Luule Tull, Jaak Uudmäe, Voldemar Väli
  • Sports influencers Arnold Green, Ernst Idla, Rein Kirsipuu, Evald Kree, Fred Kudu, Ilmar Kullam, Herbert Niiler, Jaak Salumets, Leopold Tõnson, Toomas Uba, Roman Ubakivi

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