A Healthy Vibe in a Healthy Body

Kindergarten - 9th class

The goal of the programme, created in cooperation with the Research Group of Physical Activity for Health, top athletes, the health museum and active young people, is to make people aware of their athletic abilities and encourage them to move with joy. Just like the movement itself, our class also gives you good vibes! 

The program is adapted according to the age level. We introduce sports, equipment and famous athletes to kindergarten and 1st graders through various physically active games. In addition, everyone can make up a game that encourages them to move. At the 2nd and 3rd school levels, we test our athletic abilities using various technological tools, many also used by top athletes as part of their training. Let's discuss what the different results mean. How to find the most suitable sport for you, and how much should you move in a day? What motivates or prevents the development of movement habits?

All students can gather inspiration for their exercise habits through video accounts from active young people and top athletes. What does their day look like? What motivates them? Join the programme and find out. 

After the activities, there is free time to explore the other exhibitions and interactive attractions of the sports museum.

Duration of the main part of the programme: 1 hour

Book here! Or by phone 5333 8188 or e-mail haridus@spordimuuseum.ee

Lunch at the Sports Museum

After the visit, it is possible for groups to have lunch in the museum by prior reservation.

Price: A healthy wrap and dessert – 7.50 euros per person. 

  • Please let us know if you want lunch at least 1 week before the visit
  • Please confirm the final number of diners no later than 2 days before the visit

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Hall of Fame

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